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An Update on Donations

Giving has always been part of the culture of Cantiamo and we celebrate those who give their time and talents to helping run the events and the organization.  Giving monetary donations also helps our organization, our choristers and our community.  Since becoming a registered charity in 2010, donations to Cantiamo have risen significantly.  Last season we took in $900 in donations and this season, as of mid January, we have registered just over $2,100 in charitable donations. Some of these donations are coming through employee based programs where Cantiamo is being named as the charity of choice in the United Way campaign.  We are also seeing individual donations as well as increased support for the Music Library. Donations to our Music Library allow you to select existing or “on order” music and have it dedicated to someone special.  Each time the selected piece is sung by Cantiamo in a concert, the dedication is noted in the accompanying program. What a great way to pay tribute to a loved one! If you would like to inquire further about donations, please contact Kate Batty at

Not only are we thankful this year for donations from our Cantiamo community, but we are also very appreciative of the support we have received from the Community Foundation of Ottawa (CFO) who are supporting our three part outreach program. This multi-year grant program is giving in so many ways; it is giving to Ottawa educators, to Ottawa school children, and to our choristers who are learning the value of mentoring and giving back to the community. Bravo to the CFO!

– Kate Batty, Choir Manager