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Mentoring With The Training Choir

The mentoring program in Cantiamo’s Training Choir is, I think, a key part of the atmosphere of the group.  Having the mentors sprinkled in and participating in every aspect of the rehearsal, from warm-ups to the actual performance, offers a model of focus and technique for the younger choristers.  As a mentor myself, I can vouch for the fact that we learn constantly, too; about how to teach music, about the fundamentals of singing in a choir, and (of course), about patience, which Jackie must practically embody to get through rehearsal – with both choirs!  As mentors we are also often challenged, asked to sight sing or demonstrate as a teaching tool for a new song.

Besides the educational benefits, though, mentoring is fulfilling and fun; the feeling of sisterhood, and of being in a large and supportive musical family is wonderful and energizing.  Learning to sing was instrumental (no pun intended) in my life, and to be able to give that gift is fitting.  My Cantiamo experience is enriched and enhanced thanks to the opportunity to mentor; there is nothing I would rather do with my Monday evenings.

– Kiley Venables, Cantiamo Chorister