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An Update on Donations

As we end another season of Cantiamo, we are happy to report that donations continue to rise and as of June, we have seen more than triple the amount of last year with $2800 received to date.  As mentioned in the February newsletter, there are several ways in which we receive donations to Cantiamo including Music Library purchases, United Way donations through employer deduction programs and direct donations from family, friends and admirers in the community. As a registered charity we are able to provide charitable receipts to donors.

For those who did donate through the United Way this year, we have been informed that the money will be sent to Cantiamo in two installments, in August 2012 and February 2013.  While there are administration fees that UW Ottawa takes off the donation, we have confirmed that if your employer is the Federal Government, the admin fee is a simple $12 flat fee. As well, if your employer does any sort of matching program, using the United Way vehicle to donate to Cantiamo helps boost the overall donation amount.

General donations flow into our overall operating budget and help us meet the mission and objectives of Cantiamo.  Music Library donations are directed to purchasing and sometimes even commissioning new music or supporting existing music.

We are also open to taking on donations where a business or organization becomes a “sponsor” of Cantiamo.  All sponsors will have their names included in our own choir concerts to acknowledge their support.

A big thank you to all those who did donate to Cantiamo this year!

– Kate Batty, Choir Manager