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Together In Song Training Choir Workshop and Concert – A Musical Success!

As every chorister knows, sacrificing a gorgeous Sunday afternoon is just part of being committed. However, everyone present at the “Together in Song Workshop and Concert” on Sunday, April 28th,  will agree that it was a small sacrifice to make for such an educational and entertaining afternoon.

Any gathering of more than fifty people is enough to make me nervous at the thought of all the things that could go wrong, but the beautiful thing about working with musical children is that they all listen at the sound of a warm-up. The focus and energy in the room was wonderful to behold. The Cantiamo mentors smugly noted that music education does indeed have a very positive effect on young people.

After a four-hour rehearsal with Chelsea Youth Choir, Crosstown Youth Chorus, and the Goulbourn Junior Jubilees, everyone was starting to droop from the heat and effort, but a quick snack break quickly fixed that! Each choir had a chance to polish their solo pieces before performing together in concert for friends and family. The professionalism and poise shown by the choristers was greatly appreciated as the four choirs squeezed on stage to sing together.

Now, in my opinion, one of the best types of performance is one where the focus is on having fun with a huge group of new friends. The energy and happiness were evident as the choirs performed Al Shlosha, Klee Wyck, and Canto de Pilon together. The grande finale, Hine Ma Tov, reminded everyone present that when we make music, we are truly together in song.

– by Lexa Michaelides (Training Choir Mentor)