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To Young Canadians

Cantiamo is pleased to announce that the video for “To Young Canadians” has been released on Youtube.

Dr James Wright of Carleton University was commissioned by The Leading Note Foundation’s Orkidstra program to write a piece using Jack Layton’s “Letter To Canadians” as lyrics.  The resulting piece ‘To Young Canadians’ was premiered at the 2012 Peace Awards in Ottawa on September 29th, 2012 featuring Dr. Wright on piano, vocal soloist Jenna Glatt and the combined Orkidstra Kids Choir, Ottawa Children’s Choir and the Cantiamo Girl’s Choir of Ottawa.  In February 2013 the Ottawa Children’s Choir and the Cantiamo Girl’s Choir of Ottawa recorded the choir portion of the recording at Carleton University.  In September 2013 the choirs participated in the video recording for the song.  The end product is a very beautiful and moving piece.


Cantiamo is proud to have been a part of this project.  Please have a look at the following video called “We Can Change The World:  A Message To Young Canadians”:

– Jane Pickett, Cantiamo Manager