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Cantata Singers of Ottawa – 50th Anniversary Concert

Cantiamo Girls Choir was honored to sing with the Cantata Singers of Ottawa at their Fiftieth Anniversary Concert on November 17th, 2013, in the beautiful Dominion-Chalmers United Church. The centerpiece of the concert was the Canadian premiere of choral masterpiece, “The Salisbury Vespers” by Bob Chilcott accompanied by Capital Brass Works and organist Jame Calkin.

The performance provided the choristers with an opportunity to work with Michale Zaugg, the director of Cantata Singers of Ottawa. He is a well-respected choral director and this was his last regular appearance with Cantata before moving to a new directorship in Edmonton.

The magnificent evening included Cantata’s premiere of “I Sang the Sacred Wolf Song” by local composer Margrit Cattell.  The Cantiamo Girls Choir performed three pieces on their own, including an energetic a-cappella piece by Gabriela Lena Frank called “Picaflor Esmeralda,” which received mention in an Ottawa Citizen review. The evening ended with a rousing performance of the “Hallelujah Chorus” by both past and present members of Cantata Singers.

The invaluable experience of working with a high-level choir and director was captured by Emily, a Cantiamo chorister who wrote:

Working with Michael Zaugg was a fantastic experience, as it is an important job of a chorister to work with as many different musical directors as possible. It opened my eyes to many ways to improve my musical awareness, and I am sure many of the other girls in Cantiamo feel the same.

Michael Zaugg wrote to thank Cantiamo for their contribution to the concert and to say he “had a great time working with Jackie and the girls. The experience was professional and efficient throughout.”


To find out more about Cantata Singers of Ottawa and their performances, visit their website

Photo Credits:  Howard Sandler Photography

Article: Julie Gourley