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“Together in Song” Training Choir Festival

On March 2nd, 2014,  Cantiamo Training Choir participated in the “Together in Song” Training Choir Festival along with the Goulbourn Junior Jubilee Singers, Cross Town Chorus, and Baobab Roots. The event included an afternoon workshop followed by a performance for parents and guests.

This is the second year I have been fortunate to be involved in the Training Choir Festival. As always, it was a pleasure to watch four experienced conductors and to see the concert go smoothly. This year I spent more time thinking about the choristers and how wonderful it is to see these children singing.

TogetherInSongVerticalOften adults see a group of children singing and think “how cute, they’re trying very hard,” instead of listening properly and evaluating the music within an appropriate frame of reference. Creating music with young artists is an exercise in building confidence, teaching lifelong skills, and developing good habits that will help them progress artistically.

At the Training Choir Festival, I saw four different groups performing their music in a confident and mature manner. I saw an audience that appreciated the genuine effort and progress that the choristers were making, and I saw how happy the choristers were.

I have been mentoring young choristers for four years now and I think it has been some of the most satisfying work I have done. Helping prepare the next generation of choristers and fostering their musical confidence has been both rewarding and educational. Through mentorship I have learned a lot about my own choral technique and how I should treat people around me, especially those who are looking to me as an example.

Participating in the choir festival made me realize that I am almost finished mentoring this year’s Training Choir and will soon be saying goodbye to the choristers that I have been honoured to guide for a year. I hope I have done my part to encourage a lifelong dedication to music and perhaps inspired a few future mentors as well.

– by Lexa, Cantiamo Chorister and Mentor



– Photo Credits: Bruce Gordon