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Stabat Mater and Requiem – A Special Evening

The performance of Stabat Mater by Pergolesi and Requiem by John Rutter on Easter Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Kanata, Ontario was another special night for the Cantiamo Girls Choir.  As Manager of the Cantiamo Girls Choir whose daughter performed in the concert and as a chorister in the St. John’s South March it was a unique evening for me as well.

The first half of the concert was the Stabat Mater performed by Cantiamo Girls Choir.  It was another stellar performance and the girls’ love of the piece was evident.  The soloists were clear and strong.  It was very heartwarming for me to see once again the poised, confident and graceful young women with beautiful voices that our girls mature into.  I am proud of all of our girls and it is very affirming to me of what our choir is all about.

The second half of the concert was the Requiem performed by an expanded St. John’s South March choir, Cantiamo, and a group of talented local musicians for this special project.  I had the privilege of joining the St. John’s choir.  As a neophyte chorister I have come to better understand what our girls love about choral singing.  Taking responsibility for your part yet knowing the sense of community and achieving something wonderful together is enjoyable and powerful.  In this combined choir it is lovely to see such a wide variety of age ranges committed to the same piece and united in song.

As usual, none of this would be possible without the dedication, caring and experienced and visionary leadership of our Artistic Director, Jackie Hawley and our Requiem Conductor, Laura Hawley.

– Jane Pickett, Choir Manager