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Cantiamo’s Fall Season – 2015

A festive season of “Christmas Joy!” for Cantiamo and the Training Choir!

By Jackie Hawley, Founding Artistic Director



Christmas Joy!” was the title of our Cantiamo Christmas concert and Christmas joy was certainly what we experienced during our Christmas performance season!

As per the past few years, our first performance of the festive season was the Advent Carol Service with Laura Hawley`s church choir at St. John’s South March Anglican Church. It was a fitting start to the Christmas season, singing the songs of Advent together by candlelight in the peaceful setting of such a beautiful church where we are always so warmly welcomed and appreciated.

The “Christmas Joy!” concert took place in another beautiful church – Dominion-Chalmers United Church. What a complete joy it is to sing in this stunning space with such wonderful acoustics! This was the first performance of the choral season for the Training Choir and they represented themselves very well with confident singing and poised stage presence! For their part, Cantiamo demonstrated their usual high level of artistry in Kirke Mechem’s challenging Seven Joys of Christmas as well as a number of other smaller works. And of course, one of the most joyous parts of the concert was when the choirs and the audience all joined together to sing the lovely piece Night of Silence by Daniel Kantor (arranged by David Haas and Lori True) which incorporates the iconic Christmas carol – Silent Night.

Christmas joy continued as Cantiamo performed in the European Union Christmas concert. This free concert, performed for an audience of over 1000 in the spectacular Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa, was also broadcast on Roger`s TV. This concert is a celebration of Christmas carols from the European Union countries. Cantiamo was one of four guest choirs performing songs in many European languages. Once again, the concert ended with all choirs and the huge audience, accompanied by pipe organ, singing together the beautiful Stille Nacht (Silent Night).

Our choral Christmas joy wrapped up with sharing our music and carolling at the Red Oakes Retirement Residence in Kanata, Ontario. The residents have been welcoming us each Christmas to visit and share music, Christmas cards, carolling and fellowship for a number of years now. It is always a heart-warming evening of singing and smiles for all involved!

Cantiamo is very grateful to everyone who contributed to our many moments of Christmas joy! We are very happy to be able to share some of these moments in a video slide show of Cantiamo`s 2015-16 fall season generously put together through the talent of Cantiamo parent volunteer David Forster. Enjoy some of these special moments in this video with background music Night of Silence by Daniel Kantor from the Christmas Joy! concert. (Archival recording licensed for use).


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