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From Mud to Magic: Cantiamo Shares Gifts at Trinity United


By Leslie Bricker

On Sunday March 26, Cantiamo singers shared rich and meaningful gifts with the congregation of Trinity United Church. The most obvious gift was the joyful music that they offered to the multi-generational congregation; even the youngest children listened with rapt attention as the choir shared their songs.

Trinity sing-3

Andra Popescu shared a gift of her own making… literally, of her own making…. as she presented a framed watercolour portrait of the church.  This was a token of the choir’s gratitude for having such a beautiful rehearsal space in which to develop musical artistry. Trinity United Church has been offering Cantiamo the generous gift of a rehearsal space for many, many years. “I had always felt the need to show my thanks to Trinity church with a gift they could keep and enjoy for years to come. As an art student, I realized that there was no better gift I could give them than a painting of their lovely space. I have spent so many years singing in this church, and as this was my last year with Cantiamo, it felt right to put this gift together now,” said Andra.

“The painting itself took roughly three days to complete,” continued Andra. “A rough sketch was done first in graphite, then layers of watercolour were laid down until the colours were correct. Some final touches were added with coloured pencil, ink pen, and masking fluid.”


The Minister’s sermon on Sunday was about mud… yes, mud! Erin Burns called to mind the mud that is a sign of spring and leads to new growth, the childhood treks through mud that might have been challenging, but took us to heights of excitement.

As I listened to the “muddy metaphors,” I reflected on the time spent “in the mud” by the Cantiamo choristers that weekend. After a day of leadership activities, mentorship and a recording session on Saturday, this dedicated, responsible and musical group of young women demonstrated their capability for growth and outreach as they touched the congregants at Trinity United with their music.

Along with Jackie Hawley and Megan Batty, I was honoured to “play in the mud” with the Cantiamo Girls Choir at the Trinity United service.

{To Trinity United Church from the Cantiamo Girls Choir, with Love and Gratitude}