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Reflections from our Joint Choir Workshop

by Ruby J. and Kyra W.

The Cantiamo Girls Choir and the Training Choir recently spent a morning together at a workshop which included lots of singing, mentoring and leadership—the three key parts of the Choir’s mission. Training Choir member Ruby J. and Cantiamo chorister Kyra W. share their thoughts below on this great workshop.

On learning new warm-ups and singing together…

March 26 Workshop 1

{Kyra W.}

At the workshop, we started out with some warm ups to get our voices ready for singing, and we sang two songs that we were both learning. After that, we split off into six groups. In each of our groups we came up with a fun handshake together, and the Cantiamo girls taught the Training Choir some of our warm ups that we really enjoy.

{Ruby J.}

This workshop was a great opportunity for us in the Training Choir to get to practice some of our songs and to learn some tips about proper posture, enunciation and facial expressions. As all of the Cantiamo singers sang, our accompanist Marg Stubington was wonderful. She could pick up and play a song in the snap of a finger! I think that that’s pretty cool to be able to have that kind of  talent. We also had Megan Batty help with organising the morning and she also conducted us for a bit for a beautiful piece called Bist du bei mir by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is my favourite with its different styles of singing and repetition. It isn’t every day that you get to sing a song in a different language. I enjoy this song very much.

On the Personal Strength Quilt…

{Kyra W.}

Once we finished our snack, we sat down to make a personal strength quilt together. To make the personal strength quilt, we each thought of one of our personal strengths, then wrote it down on a piece of paper. We decorated our piece of paper and once we put them all together, we had a personal strength quilt!

{Ruby J.}

At the workshop, we did an activity where every person got to write down one of their character traits. They were all different because everyone is their own person with unique talents and personalities. Some examples of the traits were, determined, joyful, humble, friendly, strong, shy and lots more. Megan and some parent volunteers put all the character traits together and made them like a quilt so at the end of the workshop everyone gathered around the quilt and the colours on each one made every paper feel lively.

March 26 Workshop 11

On mentoring, role models and an amazing learning experience…

{Kyra W.}

After everyone finished their square of the personal strength quilt, we came together and sang a couple of pieces that both the Training Choir and Cantiamo knew. It was a fun three hours of working together and singing. I think this workshop was an amazing learning experience for both choirs, because the Training Choir got to learn new, exciting warm ups, and Cantiamo got to have the experience of being mentors and teachers to the whole Training Choir.

{Ruby J.}

I love singing in a group where everyone can come together and everyone can be one voice. The Cantiamo choristers are great role models for the Training Choir. When both choirs come together and make music, it is priceless. I think that everyone should  take the time to sing. This workshop was a great opportunity to learn and experience many things. To me, singing is a joyous hobby.

March 26 Workshop 2