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Babette Lightner Workshop


PicMonkey LightnerOur season is up and running and off to a fabulous start! It is important at the start of the season to make connections personally and artistically. On Sunday, September 17th choristers in Cantiamo and the Apprentice Choir did just that in a workshop afternoon with Babette Lightner. Babette has studied human design, movement and well-being for forty years and she shared her expertise with choristers so they could get to know themselves and each other better and also to free the body for beautiful singing! We had fun and learned so much! Babette also did a workshop on Saturday September 16th for community choristers and conductors. Here are some comments from participants:


The workshops with Babette Lightner for conductors and singers were really wonderful!  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up, and was very pleasantly surprised. Babette has an amazing understanding of the human body and of the way the mind and body work together. Working with her for a few hours in one day only gave us a tiny sample of her knowledge and methods, but provided us with a lot of food for thought!  I learned a great deal about my own body and postural habits, and as a result have actually been able to significantly reduce back pain and muscle tension, resulting in less discomfort and greater breath support when singing.  I hope to have a chance to learn more from Babette in the future!

Patricia Kaiser
Conductor: Ottawa Catholic Choirs – Young Voices Choir


I really enjoyed the different movements and the way Babette led them with the sticks. It was tricky and it was also a good challenge to figure out where and how to track the other partner’s stick. I learned that you really needed to concentrate when guessing on what the other person was doing on the other side. Also I liked it how we sang “Oh Be Joyful, Oh Be… song” as we walked around the room.

Xue W.
Chorister: Cantiamo Girls Apprentice Choir


To start, Babette’s workshop was very unique and eye opening. I found that a lot of her activities applied to choir and my life as well. One part I enjoyed the most was a partnered activity that involved moment and coordination. This activity seemed to be unrelated to any choir exercise I had done before. Once Babette had explained it in more detail, I became aware of how this exercise related to so many things and I started to apply them to choir and my own life. I also enjoyed when we sat down with Babette and talked about perspectives and how to keep positive. This workshop was a unique growth opportunity for the CGC. Thanks Babette!

Emma P.
Chorister: Cantiamo Girls Choir