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Trinity Church Service

By Anna C.

The Cantiamo Apprentice Choir and the Cantiamo Training Choir sang at a service at the Trinity United Church on February 10th. It was a beautiful and meaningful service, in which our choirs could show our thanks for practicing at this amazing church with such a vibrant community. “I always love when we have Cantiamo in our services!  We find the music moving and uplifting,” says Reverend Burns of Trinity United.

It was so fun to share some of our songs with them and to give our thanks through singing. The congregation was very supportive of us, and we even sang a few hymns together. “I was very glad to be able to offer the lovely singing of the Apprentice Choir and the Training Choir at the Trinity workshop service. Cantiamo is blessed to feel a part of the Trinity family and our most meaningful way to express our gratitude and love is through song! We look forward to sharing our songs in the future”, said our conductor Jackie Hawley.

My favorite part of the service, appart from the singing, was Jean Maldrum’s presentation on “magic gift cards”. The church buys gift cards and sells them to members of the congregation. The church then uses the profits to fund breakfast programs for preschoolers. This act of kindness, as well as so many others, make the church an amazing place. “I really like rehearsing at Trinity United Church. It’s a nice big space and from the first time I went I felt it was a very welcoming place,” says Maristella, a member of the Training Choir.

My favorite song was the one that we sang with the entire congregation, Where Two or Three are Gathered. It was so beautiful to share our voices with everyone. “I enjoyed singing Al Shlosha D’varim. I love the harmony parts in it and it is one of my favorite choir pieces”, concluded Maristella. I hope that we will be able to continue participating in these services in years to come.