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The Language of Wholeness


On September 23rd, 2018 our Cantiamo Girls and Music Educators took part in the Babette Lightner- The Language of Wholeness ™ workshop. A wonderful opportunity to learn from such an innovative and engaging researcher and guide in the area of human structure & movement. “I am a tree with deep roots, wide branches and full blossoms”. What a perfect image of our Cantiamo choristers as individual artists part of a whole.

The Cantiamo girls, choral instruction team and guests learned how they physically are made to sing, effortlessly and with joy; how to create the freedom to sing, express themselves, be connected to each other around them as they perform as a choral group. And as our season gets underway with performances, school and other activities they also learned about themselves, resilience and how to transform anxieties or fears into challenges. You all claimed your voice – well done!

Learn more about Babette Lightner here.