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Cantiamo & Chorale Lyrica Perform Tim Piper’s 10 Movement Cantata!

The Cantiamo Girls Choir, in collaboration with Chorale Lyrica, offered mother’s a special treat this past Mother’s Day! Both choirs joined together in concert to present The Mystic Centre, a 10 movement cantata by Ottawa composer Tim Piper.

The Mystic Centre is a piece based on the words of five mystics from the Middle Ages – Hildegard von Bingen, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Catherine of Sienna, Julian of Norwich, and Theresa of Avalon.

These visionaries challenged traditional male scholastic theology. The words of these women offer valuable insights into the religious, social and cultural history of medieval women, and medieval culture as a whole.

Although Tim wrote this piece 10 years ago, the words of these female mystics still have the power to speak across not only generations but across centuries to resonate with us today.

Tim’s vibrant, invigorating setting of the text was so much fun (and challenge!) to learn and perform! It was a new experience for the Cantiamo girls to sing with a “band” with our own Teresa van den Boogaard on piano along with Matt Aston on drums, Jean-Philippe Lapensée on bass and Trevor Lubin on guitar – a stellar group of professional musicians!

The concert was enthusiastically received by a near full house! Here are some comments from audience members:

We really enjoyed the concert yesterday! “The Mystic Centre” is such a great piece of music and I wish I could hear it all over again!

WOW! Bravo! …what an awesome Mother’s Day afternoon! As always you offered us another stellar performance and so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your performance with the Chorale Lyrica as a mass choir, and those performing duets and solos were astounding and absolutely praise worthy! How beautiful!

The music was so exciting and the text for “Mystic Centre” was amazing, of course. I am keeping the program for “The Mystic Centre” on my nightstand, to read when I feel the need for some kind of inspiration/comfort.

I was blown away by the calibre of singing, and the obvious pleasure the choristers took in performing The Mystic Centre.

Thank you Tim and Chorale Lyrica for an unforgettable, joyful experience!