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Y Camp 2019 – New Friendships and New Ideas

Y camp, our annual retreat for the Apprentice and Girls Choir is once again over for the year – but new friendships, new skills, ideas, and experience has just begun!   

We were so fortunate to have stunning Fall weather as the colourful backdrop to our first full day at camp and took as much advantage as time allowed to sing in the outdoors.  As such parents arrived for pick-up and heard music coming from the trees!

All of the choristers were energized and ready to immerse themselves into the vibe and experience that this annual retreat has to offer.  It is a great opportunity to have some fun, really get to know the other choristers we sing with each week, and allow the older girls to come into their own as the wonderful role models and talented leaders that they are. 

It is a ton of fun but there is also a lot of meaningful learning and demanding singing required of the choristers and our choral educators, not to mention the months of planning and preparation.   

The day for the Apprentice choristers flies by quickly!   The remainder of the weekend is dedicated to our Cantiamo Girls Choir and many more hours of vocal work, and skill development – but so worth it! 

Bonfire night is another tradition and we were again lucky to have a clear, warm evening to sit around the fire, cook up some s’mores and belt out some old camp songs!

Sunday brings a final rehearsal session, a few more laughs, requests to sing favourite pieces, and more than a few tears from parents listening in on the magic of this wonderful choir of exceptional girls and young women, its directors and musicians.