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Welcome Back! 2020-21 Season Details

The Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa welcome our returning choristers and families and invite new singers to Join In for our 2020-2021 season. Things look a bit different this Fall but we will continue to bring music into the lives of our children, youth and families!

In September, Cantiamo will be launching its comprehensive Vocal Education Program for Solo and Choral Singing. While we want nothing more than to be singing again together as a choral community, for this season we will be offering a virtual experience – one that remains committed to high quality and diverse repertoire, vocal training and artistic development, core music education, leadership opportunities for our youth, and preparation for performance and concert.

All of our choristers ages 5 to 17, and in each choir including the Primary, Training, Apprentice and Girls Choir will be following our Program designed with age and developmentally appropriate materials, repertoire and goals.

Flexibility at this time is paramount, as such we have created a balanced Program of repertoire that is accessible to all and yet can prepare us for in-person singing/performance. We are offering “reach goals” for individual singers who may wish to have something additional to work towards, we have added elements of guest artists and conductors, and we have identified opportunities for touch-points throughout the year where our choristers can be together in-person for friendship, non-singing music skill development, and mentorship.

We hope you will be part of Cantiamo. We are a wonderful community that will be singing together again soon. Contact Us to learn more. Registration is open!