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Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa – We Never Stopped Singing!

Our 2020 – 2021 season, the 18th season for the Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa, has been a season of smiles, laughter and of course, singing! We never stopped singing!

“Zoom” into our Cantiamo Primary Choir rehearsal and you will see our youngest singers actively engaged in doing solfege hand signs, clapping rhythm card patterns, giggling at shared riddles or doing the Hokey Pokey with a family member during sing-a-long time! You might see beach wear, funny hats, stuffed animals, or shakers depending on the theme of the week!

You will admire some committed mouth shapes as our young singers learn healthy vocal technique and how to use mouth shape and space to make a beautiful vocal sound.

Choral educator Kathy Goodsell makes every week a joyful celebration with lots of learning and lots of fun! Our Primary Choir never stopped singing!

“Zoom” into our Cantiamo Training Choir rehearsal and you will see young artists flinging their hands in the air or zipping their arms across their screens as their bodies lead their voices in free, healthy vocal production.

You will be fascinated as choristers create and perform imaginative graphic scores, and also by the voice tracks of ‘Fish and Chips’ as choristers learn about recording.

You will notice choristers making music with solfege hands signs as well as sight reading rhythmic and melodic motifs along with their mentors from the Girls Choir! You will enjoy seeing the art work created by choristers in response to choral text reflections. Choral educator Leslie Bricker fills every week with rich lessons and opportunities for choristers to proudly share their learning! Our Training Choir never stopped singing!

“Zoom” into our Cantiamo Girls Apprentice Choir rehearsal and enjoy hearing the voices of confident choristers who volunteer to sight sing a new passage or offer to sing a phrase by “chain singing” some repertoire.

Your heart will be warmed by the kind greetings from these choristers at the weekly check in and the inclusion of a variety of pets at the end of rehearsal sing-a-long. You will be inspired by the enthusiasm choristers have for learning our new composition from the national Sonic Timelapse project and how to sing it beautifully!

Choral educator Jackie Hawley offers a “silly and serious” approach to theory, sight singing and vocal technique every week. Our Apprentice Choir never stopped singing!

“Zoom” into the Cantiamo Girls Choir rehearsal and be prepared for a full and varied 80 minutes! You will get your heart rate and energy level revved up during some body percussion or dance parties! You might be surprised by effective warm ups using mountain climbing, frisbee throwing, fish tossing and horse lips.

You will be impressed as experienced choristers demonstrate solo repertoire with confidence and maturity as mentors to newer singers.

You will be intrigued by the insightful discussions during creativity workshops connected to this season’s Canadian choral work commission.

And you will be delighted to see families having a joyful time together during the family sing-a-long at the end of the evening. Choral educator Jackie Hawley encourages the senior girls to take risks, let go of judgement, sing with a full-body sound and let their voices be heard! The Girls Choir never stopped singing!

“Zoom” into a Choral Education Team meeting and along with Jackie, Leslie and Kathy, you will meet Dian Wilkie and Teresa van den Boogaard who round out the team in their accompanist roles while also teaching theory, sight singing and leading sectionals. The entire team has continued to be innovative, creative and adaptive. The Choral Education Team never stopped singing!

“Zoom” into a Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa Board meeting and you will be impressed by a dedicated, generous, passionate, positive, forward thinking, extraordinary group of choral supporters.

Many of the Board members are parents of choristers who join in during the end of rehearsal family sing-along. Even our Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa Board members never stopped singing!

Of course, we all wish we were singing together in the same room. Of course, we miss sharing our music with our audience. Of course, we wish we could know when we will be singing together in person again. But, for now, the Cantaimo Choirs of Ottawa has made sure that we are smiling, laughing and of course, singing! We never stopped singing!

Jackie Hawley
Founding Artistic Director
Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa