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Cantiamo Women’s Choir: “Once a Cantiamo girl, always a Cantiamo girl.”

Jackie Hawley, Founding Artistic Director of Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa (CCO), has been telling Cantiamo girls for almost two decades, “Once a Cantiamo girl, always a Cantiamo girl”. 

It’s intended to reflect the importance of the strong relationships built among choristers while singing together, and as a reminder of the importance of keeping music in their lives.

The genesis of the Cantiamo Women’s Choir (CWC) stems from Cantiamo graduates who missed choral singing and the special and unique Cantiamo community. CWC is a place where former Cantiamo choristers and other trained women singers, can find a “choral sanctuary” as they make beautiful music together.

CWC will be conducted by CCO’s artistic director, Jackie Hawley, and forms the fifth CCO ensemble, alongside the Girls Choir, the Apprentice Choir, the Training Choir and the Primary Choir. As part of the overall plan for CCO’s upcoming season, CWC will be featured in its own events as well as collaborating with other CCO choirs.  

The CWC is currently preparing for a joint concert with the Cantiamo Girls Choir on Sat. Dec. 18 at 2:00 pm at the Carleton Dominion Chalmers Centre. For more information about concert tickets or joining the CWC, please contact: