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Event Recap: A Successful Return To Live Performance!

Choirs all across the country have been celebrating getting back to singing together in person (vaxed, masked and distanced!) and sharing live concerts with live audiences. Cantiamo is no exception!

Finally, on June 4th 2022, we were able to enjoy a live, in-person concert with an in-house audience! Our first live concert since December 2019. Yeah!

The journey to the concert was a challenging one with weeks of return to online rehearsals and once in person again there were scheduling considerations for air exchange, seating arrangements for distancing, vaccination certificate checks, irregular attendance due to Covid, Covid symptoms or possible exposures, and if that wasn’t enough, an intense storm blasting through Ottawa causing serious damage and power outages which resulted in rehearsal cancelled right before the concert. But, as always, no matter what comes along, Cantiamo keeps singing!

And yes, on June 4th we had a wonderful concert!

Our concert was held in beautiful Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre on a lovely summer evening. (Thank you to Christal Leahy for the photo!) Our generous volunteers, led by Jennifer Wharram, had everything running smoothly with all pandemic safety protocols in place for our audience to get to their seats to enjoy the evening. We could feel that our good-sized audience was happy to be at a choral concert and the family members in the audience were proud to see and hear their chorister on stage sharing their love of singing.

Board Chair, Michelle Soldaat was our welcoming MC sharing information about the repertoire and keeping the flow going. The Cantiamo Primary Choir, Cantiamo Training Choir, Cantiamo Girls Apprentice Choir and Cantiamo Girls Choir each shared some pieces as well as sang together. We were so pleased to premier this year’s commission En passant par la Lorraine by Canadian composer Erica Phare-Bergh.

Many thanks to our Choral Education Team (CET): Jackie Hawley, Leslie Bricker, Kathy Goodsell, Teresa van den Boogaard and Dian Wilkie and also to our guest cellist Brandon Wilkie. It was an evening of proud parents, happy choristers and joyful singing! We look forward to our next live concert on Saturday, December 17, 2022 and our extra special 20th anniversary concert on Saturday, June 3, 2023! Cantiamo keeps on singing!