OutreachEducationalTeacherWorkshopEducational Outreach

Our three part educational outreach program allows us to extend our mentoring philosophy outside of our own Cantiamo community.

Part one of our outreach is our teacher workshop. Teachers sign up for the day and learn about healthy singing, vocal technique, conducting technique and choral repertoire.

OutreachEducationalSchoolTourPart two of our outreach is our school tour day. Both Cantiamo and the Training Choir participate in a day long tour where we visit two to four schools. When we arrive we meet with the school choir, do a workshop, rehearse some common repertoire and then we perform for the school

OutreachEducationalMusicMondayPart three of our outreach is our participation as the core choir in the National Arts Centre’s Music Monday Choir. Jackie has been the artistic director of the NAC Music Monday event for 6 years now. This event brings together hundreds of students from our schools to sing together as advocates for music education for all students. The Cantiamo choristers make a very important contribution to this event through their confident, accurate singing and professional behaviour. They are excellent role models for the school students and their participation makes a significant impact on the success of the performance. This event always shows up in the newspaper and on the television news and is good publicity for our choir’s commitment to music education.

OutreachCommunityCommunity Outreach

We support the Ottawa community by performing at local charitable events, churches, schools and retirement/nursing homes throughout our choral season.