Auditions & Registration

We begin our audition process in the Spring prior to our next season and complete registration by our second rehearsal (2nd week of September). Our Annual Open House is the launch of the process and we invite you to attend. 

Returning choristers: who may be moving to a new level of choir; you are not required to audition. You will be contacted after the June concert to discuss moving up to the next level.  Choristers may wish to stay and not move up if they are not yet comfortable or feel quite ready for the next challenge. Our ages listed are a range for that reason.

New choristers:  Starting in late April, auditions take place on Monday evenings at our regular rehearsal time(s).   The potential chorister will be assigned a mentor (another seasoned chorister) with whom they will share music, and they will participate fully in the rehearsal.  Following the rehearsal, the director will meet with the potential chorister, take time to listen to her voice on its own to assess vocal production, quality and range and a short sight reading level assessment will be completed.

We encourage all potential choristers to contact us if interested in joining for the upcoming season.