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Interview with Stephen Eisenhauer

Jen Chandler interviews Stephen Eisenhauer: Composer and Cantiamo Parent Welcome to the conversation I had with Ottawa composer Stephen Eisenhauer, whose new piece "Respira" will see its World Premiere at the June 4th Cantiamo Choir concert. "Respira" is a meditative, inspiring work for treble choir, piano and string quartet. His work in teaching music to… Continue reading Interview with Stephen Eisenhauer

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NKVU: Connecting Canadians through the power of song!

By Jen C As the first snows of winter blew through Ottawa this week, Jackie and Laura were far north on a music-filled trip to Iqaluit. With the incredibly beautiful snowy lands of Nunavut as a backdrop, the founding Artistic Director of the Cantiamo Girls Choir of Ottawa, Jackie Hawley and its accompanist and composer-in-residence,… Continue reading NKVU: Connecting Canadians through the power of song!