To Join Cantiamo Is Previous Experience Required? Our choristers range in music knowledge, training, and performance experience. We provide ongoing instruction of the fundamentals, resources for learning the music and for practice, and have a supportive chorister- mentor model. Do you sing in another choir? Glee club? Have had vocal lessons? Maybe you play a musical instrument? Perhaps you love musical theatre? Maybe you just sing in the shower? Contact us, we will help to determine which choir would fit you best.

What is the Audition/Vocal Assessment? In the Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa our goal is to offer each chorister an experience that is accessible but also educationally challenging. Vocal assessments allow us to determine which choir level will be the best fit for both the potential chorister and the organization. During the audition/vocal assessment potential choristers will sing some vocal exercises to determine vocal quality, tuning, range, resonance and production. There is also a sight reading component to assess the level of music literacy but more importantly, the willingness to take a risk and step outside of one’s comfort zone.

For Returning Choristers, Which Choir do You Register With? For all of our choristers who will continue to sing with us next season, you will be offered an opportunity to register early (Spring of the current year). Prior to this, you will be contacted by Cantiamo to discuss which choir would be the most appropriate to sing with in the upcoming season.

When are New Choristers Informed of Acceptance Into Cantiamo? Immediately or within a few days of your audition/vocal assessment, you will be informed by the choral Director of acceptance into the choir. You will then be ready to complete the registration package.

When Does Registration Start? We invite you to contact us at any time if you are interested in joining one of our Cantiamo choirs. We can send you our information and registration form(s) and set up a vocal assessment if necessary. Registration tables are set up during the first two weeks of rehearsals in September, and this is when payment, uniform fitting and other details are finalized.

When Does Registration End? Registration is generally completed by the end of September, but late registrations may be accepted at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

When and where does Cantiamo rehearse? The Girls, Girls Apprentice, Training, and Primary choirs rehearse on Monday evenings at Trinity United Church, 1099 Maitland Avenue. The Women’s Choir rehearses on Wednesday nights at Bromley Road Baptist Church, 1900 Lauder Dr. Choir rehearsal times are available on our rehearsals page.

How Does Someone Get More Involved With Cantiamo? We are an organization of volunteers, and we rely on Cantiamo families, and friends of the choir to help with our activities, events and concerts throughout the year. We also welcome individuals and businesses to consider supporting Cantiamo through our Music Library Sponsorship Program, and our Concert Sponsorship Program.

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