“Under the direction of Jackie Hawley the Cantiamo Girls Choir now stands as one of North America’s leading youth choir organizations. Her visionary approach to choral training ensures that those participating in her programs are empowered with the skills, passion and community awareness necessary for a lifetime engagement with the arts. Cantiamo’s generous and inspiring contributions to the Listen Up! Ottawa community arts creation project ensure that children of all ages discover the power of music and creativity.”

Roman Borys, Gryphon Trio/Ottawa Chamber Music Society

“As a community-based program, the Cantiamo Choirs provide an incredible musical experience to their children and youth participants. I have observed many of their performances, promoting Canadian music, music of indigenous and other under- represented and global cultures, as well as essential values of inclusivity, diversity, and positive thinking.”

“The consistently supportive environment that these children and youth experience help their sense of community, belonging, and identity. I have seen a number of graduates from the program move on to post-secondary study, and I have personally worked with and witnessed the noteworthy success of some of these exceptional young adults.”

James McGowan, Ph.D.
Supervisor of Performance Studies
Carleton University Chair in Teaching Innovation
Associate Professor of Music

“Canada’s musical heritage is strong with exemplary choral groups that inspire generations of young people. With such integrity, vision, and talent, Cantiamo Girls Choir of Ottawa mentors girls through a superlative choral experience to develop their musical and leadership talents. The Coalition is especially appreciative of Cantiamo’s work in schools, with students and teachers. Cantiamo Girls Choir has led the way for many Music Monday celebrations at the National Arts Centre. Music Monday is Canada’s nation-wide celebration of the power of music, and Cantiamo embodies this in everything they do.”

Holly Nimmons, Executive Director
The Coalition for Music Education in Canada

“What I find remarkable about Cantiamo is that choristers learn to sing a diverse selection of culturally and historically significant music from such composers as Gustav Holst, Lead Belly and Oscar Peterson. Add to that the impressive enthusiasm and dedication by the Artistic Director, Conductors and accompanists, and you have an enriching musical environment where choristers can have fun and sing their hearts out.”

David Swann
Parent of Apprentice Choir chorister

“Workshops with Jackie and the Cantiamo choirs have been incredibly valuable to me. I have been a homeroom teacher, a music teacher, and a choir director; every time I attend a Cantiamo workshop I come away with new techniques, activities, and repertoire to help my students learn through music. Jackie is a positive, inspiring leader for her choristers and for me.”

Nicola Williams
Hopewell Avenue Public School