Tuition & Fees

Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa charges an annual tuition for its program. This tuition includes all instruction, special weekend workshops and other intensive educational events. Not included are any trips outside of Ottawa, and the choir uniform. Our program begins the first week in September and ends in mid-June.

Tuition Payment may be made in full, by cheque or etransfer to, at the beginning of the year or divided into two equal payments. New chorister rates for the 2018 – 2019 season are as follows.

Music Deposit Fee: Choral scores are the property of the Cantiamo Music Library. Music is collected at the last rehearsal in December and again in June. The deposit is required to guarantee the return of all music by June 30th. A separate cheque is requested for this deposit.

Uniform & Dress Fee: This fee is paid separate from the tuition,and is due in September. See Uniform & Concert Attire for further details.

CHOIR Tuition Music Deposit Fee Uniform Concert Dress
Primary  $375 $100 $15 n/a
Training  $425 $100 $30 n/a
Apprentice  $600 $100 $30 $100
Cantiamo Girls  $750 $100 $30 $110