Rehearsals for the Girls Choir, the Girls Apprentice Choir, the Training Choir and the Primary Choir are held Mondays at Trinity United Church (1099 Maitland Ave).  This rehearsal venue is located close to the Queensway exit at Maitland and offers ample parking.

Rehearsals for the Women’s Choir are held Wednesdays at Bromley Road Baptist Church (1900 Lauder Dr.) located close to the Queensway exist at Maitland and offers ample parking. 

The current plan is as follows:

Cantiamo Primary Choir (CPC)In person: 5:00pm– 5:45pm
Cantiamo Training Choir (CTC)In person: 5:30pm– 6:30pm
Cantiamo Girls Apprentice Choir (CGAC)In person: 5:45pm– 7:00pm
Cantiamo Girls Choir (CGC)In person: 6:30pm– 8:30pm
Cantiamo Women’s Choir (CWC) (Wednesdays)In person: 7:00pm – 8:45pm

We aim to start and finish rehearsals on time and expect choristers to arrive prepared to sing!

What to bring to rehearsal?
A black 1” binder that will be used for sheet music, (2) pencils with erasers, water bottle, indoor shoes in the winter.

When do rehearsals start?
For the Apprentice and Girls Choirs, rehearsals begin the first Monday in September. For the Training Choir, rehearsals begin September 19th.  For the Primary Choir, rehearsals begin October 3rd. The Women’s Choir singers will be contacted in August with the season’s schedule.